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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week in review...

Aunt JoJo and Uncle Buck are now on a jet-plane, headed back to Texas as we "speak". Instead of writing a LONG entry that will take me hours to write, I thought I would give you a "week in review" post full of all the little things that made this week special, along with a slideshow of photos.
  • Addie meeting her aunt. She didn't even cry! They got along right away...like she'd known her her entire life. So unlike her!
  • Visiting West Seattle and Alki beach. Got our first picture of Addison in the city. She laughed and talked to all of the strangers on our walk.
  • Hiking near Mt. Rainier. We visited the Wonderland Trail-a 10 day hike around the mountain) and crossed the White River. Addison loves being outdoors in nature.
  • Spending her 7 month birthday at Pike's Place Market, & letting Addie try some new foods.
  • Riding the ferry an hour and a half to Bremerton Island and seeing the Naval shipyards. We also got in a small fender bender during rush hour traffic. No one was hurt thank goodness, just a little scared!
All in all, it was a great week! Instead of picking favorites from the week, I decided to make a slide show! Ok, so photobucket made me pick favorites-I could only put half of our pictures in here but there are still a lot!


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