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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sleep safety

All her life, my daughter has been a pretty laid back sleeper. I have had no problems putting a Lovey and her blanket in her bed, she's never had a bumper to keep her out of the slats, I just never worried.

This past week however, she has discovered belly sleeping. This means she rolls, scoots, & turns all night long now. This morning, we were awoken abruptly about an hour early by a crying baby. Willie went in to check on her and she had her legs through the slats and couldn't move.

, we knew we had to do something about this. So, we went and bought a Breathable Bumper to put in her crib. This is a great invention! I definitely recommend it for any worried parent. It has all the protection of a pillow bumper, with none of the suffocation risks or climbing risks.

We put it in her crib tonight, and I feel much better with it there. Here are some photos, including one of it doing it's job already:


1 comment:

  1. I really want one of those! I haven't found one on this island yet. I am thinking we'll have to order on line.