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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Joy amongst the turmoil..

Yesterday, while driving down a country road toward my aunt's house, Willie and I spotted a wedding taking place at a little farm on the side of the road. He said something startling to me, and it really made me think. His words were, "Look at that. There is still happiness in this world amongst all the turmoil these days. Really makes me feel good."


My husband has never been very deep or sentimental. But that comment just took me aback! He's right. Here we are in an economic recession, wars going on left and right, everyone worried about money, no jobs on the market...and here are two people, smiling. Happy. Totally in love. With the rest of their lives to look forward to. That's how it should be. Every day should be full of happiness and that optimistic attitude of looking ahead, excited for what the future brings.

The day I had Addison was like that. Here was this new little life I brought into the world. She was so little and helpless. I knew she was all ours to craft into this human being with thoughts and feelings and goals. It all depends on what we teach her. It's a very overwhelming thought. But at the same time...it made me feel that excitement again at what the future can hold.

I watch her study the cat...and get so deliriously happy over a meow or tail flick, and I realize this is what's important. This is what makes the world go round. This wonder and joy, without any thought for all of the bad things in life. I want her to be the type of person I am not. I want her to look at happiness as the norm, not the exception. I want her to expect life to be good, not always waiting for the other shoe to fall. There are so many things I want, but, being the type of person I am...will I be able to make it happen?


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