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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love him...

Having a child is a huge commitment. It changes you. Makes you a better person. Unfortunately, sometimes it changes the relationships around you. I can't tell you how often during these last few months I have worried (uncalled for) about our relationship and whether we are drifting apart without realizing it. I have done everything I can to make sure he is happy and that I am a good wife to him.

He is an amazing father and husband. He just....rocks. I talk with other women who complain that their husbands-while very loving with their children-do not do much around the house. Do not know how to change a diaper, or make a bottle, or give a bath. Not Willie. He does all these things and more. He is an amazing daddy and a great husband and partner! We make such a great team when it comes to Addison. We make a great team. Period. He is the peanut butter to my jelly. My other half. He completes me in everything I do in life. I don't thank him enough.

Today, it is all about him. He got to sleep in a bit this morning while I got his present ready and got Addie from her crib this morning (a "job" he always does so I can stay in bed, bless him). He came downstairs to a present and 2 cards-one from Addie and one from me- on his spot on the couch and we had a relaxing breakfast with Addie. Now she's napping and he gets to play his video games while I blog and do laundry. He requested that we make no big plans for today. He wants to just do nothing, and that's OK! It's his day and he wants to relax! We'll go out later and get some seafood to make a nice dinner, and go for a family walk. Other than that, today is all about relaxing.

Here's to you, babe. You're an amazing husband, an even better father, and the best room mate I've ever had. =) Sit back, relax, and enjoy some you time today.

A sample of Addie's gift to daddy.

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