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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reality Check: I'm not perfect

A few of my mommy friends may have already heard this story. This week, I had a reality check. I'm not the perfect first time mother. Not by a long shot.

Earlier this week, the maintenance guy came by our place. I realized, only a little bit too late, how embarrassed I should have been answering the door. I had on sweats that I had worn 2 days in row. Addie had spit up and drooled on me, I hadn't showered in about 4 days, my hair was sticking out of it's pony tail, and I had a ginormous zit right between my eyes that I had been picking at all week. Furthermore, I was holding Addison on one hip, dressed in a onsie (in 50 degree weather I might add) and 1-yes one sock. We had just finished dinner, so she had prune stains all over her face, hands, and shirt. We had a pizza box sitting on the kitchen table, open, with 2 slices left, 2 days worth of dishes on the counters, and a pile of laundry in the middle of the living room. This isn't even mentioning the stack of laundry, toys, and blankets sitting on the stairs to be brought up, or the blanket laid out on the floor with a pile of toys on it. Oh, and at some point in our conversation, I'm pretty sure I kicked the cat away from the door so he wouldn't escape. I'm sure our maintenance guy left our house thinking I was just the craziest person in the complex. He's probably told all the neighbors by now.

I realized that evening that life was no longer in my control. I had surrendered to the power of my 6 month old daughter. Something had to be done.

Fast forward to today, 3 days later. I am showered, my hair is brushed, I'm wearing jeans that were just washed yesterday, and a nice t-shirt. The laundry is no longer on the floor, the kitchen is somewhat clean, and as soon as Addison spit up cereal on her clothes, I changed her. We are still no where near perfect, but we are one step closer today!

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  1. Oh it's like you came to my house and gave a play by play! We're just making it one day at a time too. :)