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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mother's Wardrobe...

Since the birth of my daughter, I have struggled with my self image. None of my clothes fit right. My pre-pregnancy pants fall off, but the next size down makes me look like a sausage link! I have a flabby belly, sagging breasts, jiggly thighs, and stretch marks in places I didn't know could stretch. My hair is falling out, my complexion is awful, and I swear I'm getting wrinkles and gray hair.

I really wanted to make myself feel better the other day, so I ordered some new clothes online-no dressing rooms! My clothes arrived today, and I nervously opened the box, just knowing they were going to be too small, because that would just be my luck. I pull the shorts out of the box and hold them up.

Are you kidding me?! These are freakin' huge!!! They look like mom pants!

I go ahead and try them on anyway. Oh. My. Gosh. They fit. They fit perfectly! Seriously?! Has my behind gotten that wide?? Whatevs. They fit, and I need shorts. In the mirror, they don't seem quite so wide.

On to the shirts. Umm....I ordered LARGE not TRIPLE X!! Great. Now the cute shirts I bought aren't going to fit. I try them on just to be sure, after that whole fiasco with the shorts, my self esteem is pretty shot so I'm beating myself up. The shirt fits.

When did I get a mom body?! I'm only 25!! I'm not supposed to be thise wide!! What happened?!

I have a stack of pants and shirts folded on top of my dresser right now. When I was packing up my maternity clothes, I found these, and didn't put them with my normal wardrobe because they are still too small. About 2 sizes too small. These clothes were things I bought before I found out I was pregnant. They were my "reward" clothes for when I lost the weight I was working on. Most of them have never been worn. Most of them probably never will, now.



  1. Can you say "Biggest Loser"? I can....right after I finish chewing this piece of chocolate cake.

  2. I am running into the same issues. Meh.