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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Down day..

Ugh. Today sucks. It's raining again. Should I really expect anything else living in one of the rainiest cities in America? It's got me down.

I just woke up in a bad mood. I would have given almost anything to curl up and pull the covers over my head when Addison woke up. I hate feeling like that. Especially when she sees me and gives me the biggest smile ever. She's so happy to see me, and all I want to do is go back to sleep. I'm awful.

I almost cried when my husband left for work this morning, and again when he left for school this evening. We only had such a short time together before he left. I don't know why I am so upset. He leaves for work every morning, and for school every evening. We are alone all day every day, why was today different? Why did it bother me so much?

Addison's birthday buddy, Loren, came over to play for a little while today, and I got some grown up conversation. It made me feel a little better. Distracted me if nothing else. It doesn't help my guilty mood that Addison was a perfect angel all day and I didn't really enjoy it. It's so rare that she's this happy, and it was wasted on me today. At least she had a friend to play with!

The girls are really cute together, smiling, laughing, and cooing at one another and passing toys back and forth. I hope they get to stay friends for a long time! Addison got a little fussy right before they got here, but once Jess & Loren walked in, she was all grins! It really is too cute to see her in this social phase finally.

I live for her smiles and playful moods.



  1. Angie I seriously love that you started a blog and I hope you love it too cause you're a great writer and I want to keep reading!! I hope tomorrow is better for you and sometimes off days just happen, sucks, but it's true. Hopefully blogging helps too!! I find it therapeutic.

  2. Ugh I wish I could say you were the only one having these days, but you are not alone. I have been down in the dumps for few weeks actually. I am finding it hard to get out of bed. It's not ppd or anything but I wish I could do more about it. Luckily life is sprinkled with those really great days too that make it all worth it. :)

  3. I miss Josh even when he is right next to me some times. I love him that much.

  4. I came from Loni's blog...

    Hope you're feeling better soon! You SAHMs have a tough job, that's for sure!