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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Diving Right In...

She watched me anxiously in her little baby bikini as I got ready to bring her into the pool for the first time. I was pretty hesitant, taking those steps one at a time, backwards into the pool. I went slowly, watching for a reaction on that tiny little face, but the only expression I saw was awe and wonder at what was going on. I reached the last step and her toes hit the water. She pulled her legs up quickly and hugged me tightly, looking down at the water in curiosity-not fear. Once she realized I wasn't letting go, she slowly lowered her feet back to the water and smiled. I lowered her further into the water and her grin turned into a giggle. She threw her hand down into the water and splashed her face. She looked at her friend, trying to figure out who threw water at her. Suddenly, she doesn't care who splashed water on her face because it feels good! She splashes some more, watching the older kids play volleyball on the other end of the pool. I start bouncing her in the water, which is her favorite. She clearly had no trouble diving into this new experience. My little dare devil daughter laughs in the face of the unknown.



  1. BEAUTIFUL! They both look so cute. Addie is such a brave little girl and I bet that tight squeeze around you made you feel like a real mommy! I love those moments.

  2. Awww that's a great story! I took Cam into the ocean and he's not a fan...yet. We need to try the pool though, I think he'll like that better. No waves. :)