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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"No updates for 80 days"

I noticed something sad just now. I have a tracker that tracks my weight loss vs. my goal weight. I just logged into one of my sites and saw this ticker...or lack thereof. It took me a moment to realize what was supposed to go in that spot. All it was was a red and white rectangle that said.."No updates for 80 days..please update". This is very sad for a couple of reasons. One being that this means I haven't lost any weight in 80 days. The other being that I don't have any updates for this site. How depressing.

Sadly, it seems that my potato chip and oreo diet has not been working as well as I'd hope. Neither is my exercise program that consists of channel surfing and breast feeding (<----on a similar note, who came up with the lie that breastfeeding makes you lose weight?! That was a good one). I guess I will have to go above and beyond with my efforts starting tomorrow on a new diet and exercise program!!

I had to shop for a swim suit today. You may be wondering "Why would you put yourself through that torture only 6 months after having a baby?!" I'll tell you why! I am doing it because it's summer, and I love swimming, and last year I missed out on all the summer activities because I refused to let anyone see me in a swim suit. This summer, I am determined to get out doors as much as possible, especially being prepared for beach trips or laying out by a pool, so....I went in search of the beached whale woman's department at Target in hopes of finding something that resembled a mumu.

Sigh. No such luck on the mumu. But, I did manage to find a pretty cute tankini that didn't look half bad! It didn't look half good, either, but I settled. The whole time we were swimming, I felt like random parts of my body were falling out of the swim suit. Oh well. All that mattered at that point was Addie smiling and splashing me in the water.

Ick. I cannot end this blog in that after-school-special manner! [insert sarcastic comment here.]


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