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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Planning already...

There is something about being a mom that transforms you. You know all those things you swore you wouldn't do after having kids?? Like, say, planning a first birthday party when your daughter is 8 months old?! Yep. I'm planning her birthday party! I swore I wouldn't be that mom that goes overboard for a first birthday party. I hope I'm not. Can I use the excuse that I just want everything organized so I can be prepared? I've picked out a theme (nope! not telling!), have a great idea for custom invitations, and have 2 cakes to choose from. I've even started thinking of appetizers and food to serve. No. I'm not crazy. I'm just that mom.

Through all of this planning, I have still refused to believe that my baby-the baby that 8 months ago didn't even exist-is ever going to turn 1. I refuse to believe that she will ever be a toddler, she will ever be potty trained, will ever be a pre-schooler, or a teenager, or get married. Not my baby!! I'm having a hard enough time watching her crawl over to the Playstation 2 and start pressing buttons. It's sad enough that she already ignores me when the TV is on, or when Daddy gets home from work.

Sigh. She has to grow up sometime, right? The least I can do is make sure that her very first party in her name just totally rocks her socks off.


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