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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Everything changes, Nothing stays the same..

Anyone that has been visiting my blog for awhile should be able to tell upon first glance that something is different now. Can you put your finger on it? I'll help you out. There are several things different about my blog today.

First, and most importantly (because it took the most work out of all my changes so far), I now have a 3 column blog. Yay, me!! Man, you wouldn't think that took as much work as it did! No wonder they charge the big bucks to customize blogs and create 3 columns. Good thing I figured it out on my own, huh?

Next, you may now notice a few Google Ads on my page. No, I promise I didn't do this to annoy you. I did this to see if my blog could rake in any cash. You can thank me for choosing the most subdued form of advertising I could later ;) For now, just clicking on any of the links could help me out!

I have also added a new widget to my blog (with a few more to come soon!). You may notice I have a few buttons up on my blog now, advertising some of the blogs I read most often. Okay, I know there are only 2 buttons up there right now. I have to search everyone's blogs and see if they've created one! Mine is coming soon, and believe me, there will be a post about it so you can grab it and show off how much you love my blog to everyone *wink wink*.

The 2 buttons I have up there now are the blogs I have been reading the longest, MckMama's & Loni's .

The first button, I would like to talk about a bit and help spread the word. This fellow blogger,MckMama, has a 9 month old son named Stellan. Stellan has suffered from SVT (you can find out the details on this heart condition on her blog) since before he was born. He is now hospitalized again for this condition and is starting a new drug regimen (because another heart surgery isn't such a great option until he's older) and it seems he isn't doing as well as hoped right now. Neither is MckMama. As a parent myself, I can't imagine the struggle she is going through and the strength she has to find to make it through these hard times. That's why I am asking you, my readers, to hop on over to her blog and check out their story. Maybe put in a word to the Man Upstairs yourself & leave her some encouraging words on her blog. I'm sure she could really use that right now. I don't have many followers, but I hope the few that do read my blog see this and I am able to help someone, even just a little.

On that note, I will leave you to check out the rest of my bloggings. Any newcomers (or lurkers), please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my work!


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  1. Figured out a 3 column blog, added my button and sent people over to MckMama? Now I know for sure why I love you! :-) Love the new look and am heading over to clink on the links!