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Friday, September 11, 2009

Quarter-Life Crisis, Second Edition

Here we are. I am officially 25 years old. One Quarter of a Century. Strangely, it doesn't feel that different on this side of that line.  I mean, there are little differences, I swear, there are!

Maybe it's just a mental thing, but I feel more in control. More adult. I really do. Then again, maybe I am just settling into my roll as mother now.  After 10 months of mothering, it should all feel pretty old hat by this point, but the idea of caring for someone so small is still such a strange concept.  I guess eventually it had to become second nature.  It seems that turning 25 was that point!

You may remember this post from a few weeks ago. I blogged about a few goals I had in mind to ease me into "becoming an adult".

I'm here today to update you on these goals. I feel I have been doing pretty well, if I do say so myself.

I have kept a food journal for the last few weeks. Okay, I can't really lie. I have kept a food journal most days for the last few weeks. I will admit there are some days that aren't quite filled out. But for the most part, really, I have kept it up, despite only seeing small changes. I just keep reminding myself that "slow and steady wins the race". I want to take this weight off and keep it off, that means I can't drop it all in a month.

Who is this person with my family, you ask? Why, it's me!!  Complete with a new hair cut, new wardrobe, and actually looking acceptable to be out in public.  Yes.  I have been trying harder, that's for sure!

I wake up every morning and wash and blow dry my hair at least.  Most days I even straighten it.  I know.  Me?! Straightening my hair?!

It gets better.  I promise.

After I fix my hair-which is a completely foreign idea for me, I even put on makeup.  Yeah.

And then....and then!

I go into my closet and pick out something to wear!  Yeah! I don't wear sweats every day!

Who is this person?!  Really?! It's me??  Wow.  I would never recognize myself. 

I feel better about myself.  I feel happier.  I feel more confident.  I feel like people are willing to talk to me and be friendly with me out in public.  Yes.  Complete strangers actually smile and talk to me now.  They didn't before.   

Change is good.


Well...good change is good.  Bad change is just...bad.

I mean...I would not want to be encouraging someone to put on hooker heals and fishnet stockings, tease their hair 80's style, and then go out on the street.  That kind of change would be bad.  That is not the change I am looking for.

What goals have you set recently?  Have you stuck with them? Please share!



  1. good for you ang! you look so happy! *Mouna

  2. You look GREAT momma. Beautiful every day if you ask me.