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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It ain't easy being Green...

In case you didn't know, there is a huge movement these days called "going green" or "crunchy" or "new age hippie". I have been called all of these things, and I have only been what you would consider "green" since becoming pregnant and realizing I shouldn't clean with bleach. This was a rough adjustment for me in the very beginning. I did not believe that I could clean with vinegar, and that it would kill germs just as much as any harsh cleanser. I started out by buying cleansers that claimed to be green, or eco-friendly. Eventually, I gained confidence in this lifestyle, and embraced vinegar and all of it's many uses. I now use almost all eco-friendly products, because if I can help our environment, even just a l ittle, why shouldn't I?

Alas, I did say "almost all" products I use are eco-friendly. It's not always easy being green. Despite my best efforts otherwise, I have had to resort to using poison in my home, around my daughter and my pets in order to attempt the elimination of ants in my home. I did try various "green"-or poison free in this instance- attempts at getting rid of our pesky friends, but none of them worked. Ahh, the joys of apartment living in it's finest.

I sprayed ant poison all throughout our kitchen, under the baseboards, around the edges of the counter, under the appliances, the works. I sucked it up and did this thinking it was my last resort. It didn't work. I woke up to ants swarming the drain in my kitchen, where I had put some fruit down the garbage disposale yesterday. They were also feasting on the cat food, and the one grain of rice left on the counter last night. Is it me, or was the poison not worth it?

We are now getting ready to head out to the store, yet again, and get a different poison that everyone swears will work. Even better? I get to dip this poison onto toothpicks and pieces of cardboard and scatter them around the kitchen, making sure to keep my daughter and our cats out of that area until I can get rid of said toothpicks and pieces of cardboard. It isn't easy being green. Especially when getting rid of pesky insects.



  1. Have you tried putting the bowl of cat food in a bowl of water? it works to keep the food out.

  2. It sounds like your next poison is the one that worked for us when we had ants. It's clear and in a tiny bottle and the ants love it till it kills them. I can't remember what it's called but good luck to you, getting rid of ants is a nightmare.