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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Camping, Frogs, and so much more..

Whew.  I am taking a break for a few.  I would much rather blog, anyway.  You may be wondering what I am taking a break from, right?  Well, I'll tell you.  I'm not very good at keeping secrets.  My family-along with another family-is going away for four whole days to the Washington coast to go camping!

I must admit, I am pretty excited about this little mini-vacation of ours.  We haven't done too many exciting things this summer what with Willie going to school, then being unemployed, then starting a new job and all.  He starts school again right after this trip, too, so we are making it right in time!

This will be our first family vacation (well, if you don't count going to visit family.  I guess this is the first vacation of our own) and we've been spending days preparing already.  We dusted off the tent, picked up some hot dogs and marshmallows and graham crackers.  The luggage is out, the clothes are washing, and the cat-sitter has been called.

With this being said, you should know that we will be completely off the radar for a few days.  Seriously.  No cell phones, no lap top, no technology what-so-ever.  In fact, I can't even get a weather report for the area! This shall be an interesting trip.

Before I left for this trip, though, I wanted to drop a quick line to you all about my friends at TheBlogFrog.  I don't know if you have noticed the widget on the left-hand side of my page, but this widget allows you to be part of my community on TheBlogFrog.  By becoming part of my community, you can chat with other readers, and if you join, your profile will show up on my blog.  I would really love to create a fun community on there, with forums to chat with my readers, and all of us linking our blogs together to form a nice network.  I just need you to help me with this!  It's super easy to join-just click one of the links above, or click on my widget. Once you join, you can search me out by my blog name-Surviving Motherhood- and join in, maybe create a few conversations.

C'mon.  You know you wanna!


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  1. I'm back!! I hope you all are having a good time!! You get back Friday I believe? I will hopefully have the new blog much more presentable than it is now!!