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Monday, February 1, 2010

My Plea Was Answered!

Remember this post? You know, the one where I begged, pleaded, and got down on my knees in front of the organizational gods asking for help reining in my mess?

Well, I am here to tell you that my plea was answered!  While staying in the model home, I realized how well Addie played by herself when her toys were in the living room vs. the play room.  It really got me thinking about how I'm constantly sitting on the floor in the play room (gee, I wonder why I have a bad back?) watching her play while I crocheted or tried to hide my laptop from her lest she maul it.

Suddenly, it hit me.  Why don't I just trade with her?! She can play in the dining room where my "craft area" used to be, and I can take over her play room and have my own room dedicated to ribbon, yarn, glue, felt, and clay!

I must say, it's worked out beautifully.  I spent the entire day today in my new craft room, finally.  It's been ready for a little over a week but sometimes life happens, and sometimes death happens. There's always something keeping me out of my new space, but today I spent most of the day relishing in the semi-organized craft supplies, and making hair bows.  I think this room will help keep me productive. There are much fewer distractions in a room dedicated to crafting.

So, without further adieu, I present you with...my craft room!

The obligatory "before" picture. Post play room, pre- craft room.  As you can see, it's not a very large space, but I've done what I can with it.


This is where the majority of my crafting will happen.  Eventually I plan on getting a bigger table, but this is a freebie that has come in handy!  At one point in my bachelorette days it even served as my kitchen table.


Close up of some of my ribbon. Again, a free, innovative way to keep my ribbon organized. There is another dowel on the other side.  The table originally had thick handles here on the sides to move it easily. All I did was unscrew those and slide them out, then I slipped a thin wooden dowel into it's place and filled it with ribbon spools.  Easy, free, and organized!

Here is my yarn! It is no longer tossed into the ottoman in our living room.  I have a crochet-bag that has the yarn needed for my current projects, and the rest is getting stored in these two baskets and slid into the bottom shelf of a small book case to protect them from Addie. 
 Here's my works-in-progress shelf.  Now I know I won't lose projects I set aside.

These are fabulous, so I had to include a picture.  At some point in the near future they will be chopped up and made into hair accessories...but until then they can brighten up my new workspace...and my blog! 
I do have more organization than this. The majority of my supplies are now stored in one of those tall white plastic drawer container things.  And yes, that's the accurate terminology!  I thought I would spare you a photo of a tall white and clear cabinet with drawers. I mean...unless you want to see it, of course.

I still have a lot of work I would love to do. I mean, it's still a pretty far cry from the photos I fantasize about while browsing the internet, but it's a start.  One day, I'll have the workspace of my dreams. Until then, I'll settle for having it all in one room!



  1. You know what some of the other fantastic things about your new workspace are? You can close the door if a project is spread out and you must leave it out while you take care of the kiddo. Two, you can shut the door and have personal time on occassion while your hubby takes kid duty. Best wishes enjoying your new space :)

  2. Both great points! Erm....if my room had a door :( It's not technically supposed to be a "room" per se, more of a study. Oh well! It's still tucked into the back corner!