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Thursday, May 6, 2010


This week (Mother's Day to be exact) marks our two-year anniversary in the Pacific Northwest.  It's a big occasion! 

They say time flies when you're having fun.  It sure does.  Time flies so fast it looks like a red streak zipping down the road in front of you.  Has it really been two years?  I still feel like such a new kid here.  I still feel  like I have a lot to learn.  I'm not part of the crowd yet.  We're still not really settled.

I believe that is partly due to how much life keeps changing for us.  We arrived in Washington this time two years ago cold, scared, and 13 weeks pregnant with Addie.  We didn't know anyone except my aunt-who I barely knew at the time.  I was so nervous to get our lives started.  I mean, that's why we moved here, right? To get our lives started again.  To start over.

Two years ago today, we were both unemployed, but confident that the hefty sum of money we were sent here with would hold out until we started making better money. It did, but only by us settling.  The market is just not there right now.  Willie finally found a job only remotely related to his field working for Sears.  He made decent money, but at what cost? I never saw him.

Almost a year later, we couldn't take it anymore.  We were both tired of waiting for our lives to start, so Willie decided to go back to school.  He took on a 3 month certificate program to get him into a hospital in a kinder work environment and enrolled in a nursing program so he could find a job that was in demand.  He's been at it for almost a year now (again).  People still laugh at us at what a drastic change we went through for Willie's career, but it's what we had to do at the time to get out of the hole we were digging ourselves deeper and deeper into.


Things are changing again.  Two weeks ago, Willie told me he was not sure he was happy on his current path.  He really wants to go back to working in electronics, so me being the supportive wife I am, agreed with this (I thought he enjoyed it more anyway).  Yesterday he got accepted into a college in Bremerton to get his associates degree in Electronic engineering.  We'll see in the next week or two how long that will take considering all of his military training and classes along with what he's already taken in college so far.  We're hoping for a year or less!

So, yes, we are facing more changes in our lives.  A song quote I have always loved is that "the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes."  Boy is that right.

We've faced many, many changes in the last two years, and there are many, many more changes waiting for us in our future.

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