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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Farewell to a Dream..

For those of you who do not know (but may care), our family is moving.  Not too far away or anything, but we are moving.  We are going to pay the penalty charge at our apartment and move into a four-bedroom house.

Why are we doing this again? Two reasons. 

1) Ever since our flood, this apartment has had an...aroma...A musty, smelly, almost-moldy aroma.  We've spoken to the apartment manager about this and she claims they've checked twice before moving us back in and there is no mold or moisture in the walls or carpet.  Unfortunately for them, we found mold last week in the bathroom where the flood originated.  Sucks for them.  Sucks for us, too, for a number of reasons.  Despite the mold (it was a small amount-able to be cleaned up with harsh chemicals which I hate), our primary reason for wanting to leave is the smell.

2) We found a place!  Some great friends of ours-possibly our closest friends here in Washington-own a few rentals and one became available a little over a month ago!  It is a 4 bedroom house! With a yard!! 

I absolutely can't wait.  Then again...part of my heart is sinking...just a little bit.  I moved across the country to live in Seattle.  We couldn't afford the rent when we first moved here, so we agreed to live in the "suburbs" until Willie found a good job and started making money.  Little did we know that after a year in the area, he was going to make a huge career change that included another four years of schooling and training and climbing a whole new ladder. 

Like I said, I can't wait to move.  I'm excited to get into a house, especially being so close to such great friends.  That's not what this blog post is about though.  I need to get the negatives off my chest tonight.

This move-while best for our family for a number of reasons-will move us further from Seattle.  Maybe it sounds a little crazy to want this so badly, but I just feel like I've missed out on that experience.  We will now be moving another 30-or-so miles further from the city.  That makes a full 1-hour commute.

The pros are that we'll be in a smaller (safer) area, near the water, with a yard, near friends, with a built-in play mate for Addie, with a garden.

The cons are...we'll be further from Seattle.  I can't fight it anymore.  I dug my heals in long enough on this argument until I finally recently decided I can't fight it anymore.  It's better for our family. It's better for Willie. Closer to his job. 

I've known since this time last year that my fight was childish, irrational, and even a little selfish.

It's not worth it to fight it anymore. 


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  1. Just think about how you get the best of both worlds! You get to live close enough to the city to visit anytime you want but without all the crappy things that come with city living!! I'm super excited for you guys! Who knows you may like living in a house so much that you'll forget about wanting to live in seattle! Good luck with the move and I hope it turns out great!