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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Plea To the Organizational Gods

Does anyone know how to get in touch with the gods of organization?  Anyone??  I really need them.  I mean, is it like the Tooth Fairy? I just sweep my mess under my pillow at night and wake up to a nice, clean, organized apartment?

Image  from HGTV's "Rate My Space"

A girl can dream, right?

So, since it doesn't appear to be as easy as the tooth fairy, what do I do?  It seems that every year when we move, we go through all of our clothes, all of our beloved kitchen accessories, and all of our miscellaneous items that don't really have a place.  We make our "inventory" of personal items we can't part with, and try to figure out the best ways to store them.  Each time we move, we end up buying something else for storage, because it seems that each apartment has less and less space to hide things and make it all neat.  In the end, we have a big mess of stuff piled in boxes or tucked inside a desk that still can't seem to stay organized, despite being hidden.

Last night, it took me close to 45minutes to attach a bow to the side of one of my beanies.  Why??  Because all of my materials were scattered between three different places.  Once I figured that my glue gun was not in 2 of the 3 places I keep crafting materials, I still had to dig for it within three bags hidden in my storage ottoman.  Then I had to find my wire...another three places to look, another three bags to dig through.  But wait.  I have to pick a ribbon and measure it to the hat!  Great...repeat steps 1-5 again.  Sigh...

I would love to have an organized apartment.  I try so hard, it just never seems to happen.  Everything I see that could maybe help costs money...which we don't have, and takes up space...which we also don't have.  I loath apartment living.  I used to love it.  None of the hassles with yard work or broken plumbing.  It just seems that here in the Seattle area, you just can't find an apartment with the amount of space and storage that we could find back in Texas and Louisiana for half the price!

I dream of craft rooms.  I imagine having a room one day all to myself entirely devoted to crafting and storing materials. Technically, I could have that here.  This apartment does have a small study at the end of the hall (which, coincidentally, I am sitting in right now as I type this), but I decided when we moved here that this room would be for Addie.  Her toys were beginning to take over the living room in our old place, and that was before she actually had a lot of toys to play with!  I couldn't imagine having all of these toys in our living area now.  As it is, her play room is on the brink of exploding.

So, here we are, back at square one.  How do I organize all of our stuff?!

In the meantime, here is my prayer (or plea if you will) to the gods of organization.  Please, please, please, please...if you're out there (are you?) HELP me figure out what to do with all of this junk!!!



  1. If you figure it out, if the gods answer PULEASE send them my way!!! We have about 750 square feet for 7 people and I have just surrendered to the madness!!!

  2. I am right there with you Angie! We went from an 800 sqaure ft apartment in shreveport to a 4 bedroom house in NV and I STILL am having trouble keeping everything organized. I have tons of crafting stuff and without the money to buy organizing systems it makes it impossible to even enjoy crafting. The office is our project for the year. We plan on saving so we can get it organized and comfortable. Have you checked out IKEA for some organizing ideas? I <3 their home office sections. Maybe they have something you might like for getting your crafting stuff organized.

    -Danielle Stuve