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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion...The Countdown Begins..

Lately, I can't help but think of this time last year.  I was less than two weeks away from my due date, and miserable to say the least.  Addie never truly dropped, so at this point in the game, I was always having stomach trouble, be it nausea, heartburn, or indigestion.  My ribs were sore, my back hurt, and my legs felt like they were falling off-if you've ever had a kid, I'm sure you know exactly how I felt.  I thought it would be "fun" to relive those days now, while we approach the one-year mark.  Since I had yet to experience the wonderful world of blogging, most of you don't know the full story of how Addie came into this world.  These next few weeks, I'll mainly be re-living the next few weeks of last year.

November 3, 2008
 Everyone is on edge.  I'm less than two-weeks from my due date, and it could literally be any day now.  I've been having false labor pains for several days, waking up in the middle of the night and timing contractions.  My doctor says I'm  50% effaced and 2 cm dilated.  Of course, everyone keeps telling me that doesn't really mean anything, but I'm still carrying around hope inside.  I'm ready to be done. I'm ready to hold my baby girl (I hope) in my arms and sing her lullabies. 

I pulled out my exercise ball today.  I read somewhere that  bouncing or rolling on the ball can cause the baby to drop further, and may help me dilate.  Here's hoping, because I sure would like to get this ball rolling...no pun intended.   We're starting to go for daily walks by the river, too.  I don't care that it's getting colder and seems to rain every day.  What else do I have?  I can't hold out all my hope that the full moon on my due date will actually cause me to go into labor.  I'm not that lucky.

Everyone already has plane tickets ready to go, and trips planned out, all revolving around this little one's birth.  No pressure or anything.  I mean, I'd really like to have a few days at home alone with my new family before all the hustle and bustle of visitors, but whatever happens, happens.  It might be nice to have some extra help around the house when I get home from the hospital.  Then again, what if she decides to come late? What if everyone flies up here and just waits and waits, and then nothing happens?  Times like these, I almost wish I was open to the idea of a voluntary induction..but I'm not, so it doesn't matter.

All I can say is, with all these time-able contractions I'm having, I hope I'm at least making more progress.


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