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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Letter to my Future Teen

I've recently re-discovered Mama Kat's blog and her weekly writing prompts.  This week, I decided to join in, and chose to write a letter to my future teen.

Mama's Losin' It

Dear Daughter,
As I write this letter, you are 2 (going on 13).  You're just discovering your independence and the fact that you do have opinions.  They call this age the "terrible twos", and I can certainly see why everyone fears toddlers.  However, I wouldn't call them terrible.  You're strong willed, emotional, and very opinionated, but all of these things are what makes you you.  Parenting "experts" and all of the well-meaning advice from friends has nothing on you, but I enjoy the challenge! We're certainly never bored in this house.

You've been my biggest lesson in humility. After all, I never did enjoy asking for help, and I have learned that sometimes I need it.  After all, I don't know how I would have made it through your colicky phase if I hadn't had your father to take turns with during that time.

I know that as you get older, you and I will butt heads a lot.  We'll have differing opinions on what is best for you, and if you'll really marry that boyfriend of yours after graduation.  It's just a matter of fact given that we are both so similar.  As much as we may fight, though, I want you to know that even my worst days as a parent have far surpassed even my very best days before you came into my life. 

I hope this letter finds us with a good relationship and a great appreciation for each other.



  1. Hi--I'm you newest follower --I love this idea--I would like to do it with my children.

  2. I want to try this out too... for each of my children. I am sure your daughter will love reading it when she is a teenager!