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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Cleaning Tip of the Day: Stinky Laundry

Are you like me when it comes to doing laundry? You know, you wake up intent on getting all of the laundry done, and then on that last load everything just falls apart and you get exhausted and just forget to put it in the dryer? Then a few days later you start wondering what that smell is in the laundry room?

What do you do in those situations? I mean, just re-washing them still leaves the clothes with a bit of a musty smell that you don't notice until you get dressed.  I've learned a trick that I think can help!

Now, when I forget that last load of clothes for more than a few hours, I re-run the machine (at least a rinse) with warm water, a splash of distilled white vinegar, and a drop or two of your favorite essential oil-I use Eucalyptus.  Works every time.

Hope this helps someone else like me!


  1. I like this idea, I hate that musty clothes smell when you put on your jeans and you're like what's that.. oh yeah must. Gross!! Where did you get the eucalyptus essential oil?

  2. That's a great tip, thanks for sharing! I always seem to forget that last load of laundry. Towels always seem to get that musty smell the worst!

  3. Loni, I got mine at a health-food store. You can also find them online. I'm pretty sure I've seen them on Amazon!